Pet Shampoo Bar

Pet Shampoo Bar

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Chemical-free pet care is as important for animals as it is for us, since harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin in the same way. Your everlovin’ doggie deserves it!

  • Rich in moisturising gentle waxes and oils
  • Especially for sensitive, dry, flaky skin
  • Fights pesky fleas with powerful natural essential oils including Tasmania’s exciting new Kunzea and antibacterial Indian neem oil
  • Easy rinse lather for soft, shiny coat and healthy skin
  • 100% biodegradable pure vegetable soap
  • 100% chemical and detergent free – does not strip vital moisture and oils from coat / skin

Ingredients: Mount Wellington spring water, saponified coconut, olive, sunflower and neem oils, essential oils – including kunzea, eucalyptus, pennyroyal, tea tree.

Buster’s bonza bewdy bar for bonza blokes
Buster says: “Mate, it used to be easy… A sweet wuff in a sheila’s ear and the date was set. Not any more… Apparently ya need ‘personal groomin’ ta scrub you up to scratch, mate! Or no scratch – if ya get me drift…

And my Bonza bewdy bar is just the ticket pal…a no-nonsense, gentle, natural, handmade soap shampoo bar just like me human uses.

Cleans, conditions and deodorises me fur but is gentle on me skin. Rich natural waxes to condition with a healthy dose of power ful flea-chasing oils. Lathers quickly, rinses easily-effective but mild enough for the frequent baths humans inflict on us! No more romance killin’ itchin’ and scratchin’ and dry skin from those horrible detergent pet shampoos!

Yer ready now to wow those sheilas, mate?”

Gorgeous Georgie’s gloss bar for glamour girls
Georgie says: “Dahlings, if you had broken the hearts of as many admirers as moi, everyone asks: Georgie – what’s your secret? What makes you such a dog magnet?

It’s my Gloss shampoo bar…a no-nonsense, gentle, natural, handmade soap shampoo bar just like my human uses.

It cleans, conditions and deodorises my fur but is gentle on my perfect pink skin. It’s rich natural waxes condition with a healthy dose of powerful flea-chasing oils. It lathers quickly and rinses easily. It’s effective but mild enough for the frequent indulgent baths that we girls love!

After all when you have snared that bashful beagle and he runs his paws through your coat you want satin not sandpaper!

No more of that o-so-unattractive itching and scratching and dry skin from detergent pet shampoos!

Soft silky fur – every glamour girl’s seduction secret!”