Local Raw Honey
Local Raw Honey

Local Raw Honey

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Dunc's Honey is 100% Pure & Natural, sourced by Nature from Nature.

No additives, no changes. Just as nature intended it to bee.

Support our local community, and enjoy the many benefits of raw honey.

  • Local, raw honey has healing properties. Add it to your hot tea to soothe a sore throat, for instance. Because it has antimicrobial properties, it doesn’t just soothe your throat as it coats it; it can also kill certain bacteria.
  • Local, raw honey helps with seasonal allergies. The same allergens that trigger a reaction in you are present in local, raw honey. By ingesting the honey regularly, you are, in effect, taking “shots” of the allergen in small, manageable doses. 
  • Local, raw honey reduces the lifespan of colds. 
  • Local, raw honey is a natural antiseptic. Honey has antimicrobial properties. That’s what makes it great for treating wounds. Because many types of bacteria can’t survive in honey, it speeds up healing, diminishes swelling, and gives tissue the opportunity to grow back more quickly.
  • Local, raw honey helps tame the stomach flu. Because raw honey calms the inflammation of the stomach, it is a great pain reliever for the stomach flu.

RE-FILL INSTORE - Visit our consignment in Fora Studio's Jannali for a refill.

500g glass jars available or 1kg, 3kg and 5kg plastics buckets.

Bring your own clean or reuse the jars/buckets for 10% off in-store.