Southern Sydney Food Collective is a locally based in the Sutherland Shire. We love to give back to the community whilst also helping to care for our environment.

Would you like to promote eco-friendly and reusable products to your school, pre-school, childcare centre, sporting organisation or any other organisation who cares about our environment AND help them raise funds?

Here's how!

  • Register your organisation (email us with the below information) and you will be provided with your own unique Fundraiser Code. You can issue this Code to your friends, family, students etc. 
    • Organisation Name and ABN
    • Organisation Address
    • Organiser's Name
    • Organiser's Email
    • Organiser's Phone Number
  • They can enter the Fundraiser Code at checkout and 20% of each sale will go back to your organisation each quarter.
  • Each order will be packed and shipped individually direct to the recipient. No hassles for you to split orders and arrange collections.
  • Each quarter we will run a report of how many sales and the value using your unique Code, and arrange for a direct bank transfer to be completed back to the organisation.
  • If you would like to talk to about commission splits, ie. 10% off to the customer, 10% commision to the organisation, get in touch as we can accommodate this also.

Email us at now and we can get you set up right away and also help with promoting your fundraiser.